Virtual Coffee

by shelbyisrad

Its Tuesday! And I’m linking up with Lucky Number 13 for a little Virtual Coffee Date.

My drink of choice today (and this weekend) is the Starbucks Coffee flavored Frappacino!

So good, and cold, and in a bottle so I can easily take it to class, just slip it in my book bag! (when I decide to carry one)

SO if we were meeting for coffee I would be dragging my butt in and plopping on the most comfy chair because this weekend wore me out. I felt like I was going non stop. I’d ask you to be praying for my Grandparents because times are tough around these parts and we’re all very stressed and worn out.

I would tell you all about how my Boy and his band played at a bar downtown Saturday, and how we were up ’til like 2 AM (I was dragging by 10 i was SO tired!) I’d tell you though that they ROCKED by far their best show yet you better believe I was a proud girlfriend/friend of all those boys. I’m probably a little lot biased but I think they’re one of the greatest bands EVER.

Heres a video from the show of one of my favorites they play, its called Little Black Feather and like them it ROCKS (The hottie on the far left is My Boy, he’s the lead guitarist, Wes is the Lead singer/rhythm guitarist/ one of my best friends, Nicco Suave is the Bass master, and Thats Ethan killin the drums!

Click here. I’m having issues imbedding it.

I’d then tell you how I got about 3 hours of sleep before having to drag my butt out of bed and head to church sunday morning, Church was really great, I absolutely love what I do volunteering there (Lifepoint Swagga Team!) which is really the ‘resource’ team but I like my name for it better 🙂

Then I’d tell you that The Boy and I went to Bdobo, a Mongolian grill that is SO FREAKING GOOD! (And I ate more than he did) then we wandered around target for two hours and I got some valentines day gear (a new dress, new t shirt and pair of black pants among other shtuffs)

Then It was VALENTINES DAY! I love holidays and I love telling people how much I love them, so I think Valentines Day rocks! I made little goodie bags and notes for my roomies, which they loved and I baked some muffins for them too. Then the Boy and i went to Olive Garden for lunch and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! I ate way too much (and AGAIN Ate more than him!)

(We’re really goofy)

We then went to PetSmart and I looked at the Beta fish and I’m contemplating on getting another one since my poor Oswald died over Christmas break. Then I fell in love with every single adorable Kitty that was up for adoption, two of them really liked me and I wish I could have taken them home. We then stopped in at Marshall’s I’m in the market for a new belt, but didn’t find one. however I did get two new journals (not that I already have like 4 of them or anything). In the Marshall’s parking lot he opened up his present from me 🙂 It was seasons 5 and 6 of Seinfield, lots of candy, some upcycled guitar picks that I wrote different things on, a little dog, and a guitar pick tin with his initial on it.

We then hurried back to campus so I could go to class, after class we goofed off for a few hours (and got into a mini argument) then went to the GLORIOUS Fuzzy Peach and I pigged out on some Froyo, after dessert we came back to my apt and I cooked dinner, (we live on the wild side and eat dessert first a lot of the time). Then we just watched some TV and enjoyed each others company before he went back home and I went to sleep!

Can you guess which is mine?

That left picture is how we apparently look when we watch TV 0_0

After showing you that ridiculous amount of pictures, and hopefully not boring you to death I’d show you ONE more picture of the goodies i’ve gotten in the mail lately.

I’d then tell you that I am SOOOOOOO excited for this week to be over and for the weekend to be here because I’m going to Myrtle Beach to see my Campbell Family! And I’m probably going to be coming back with red hair, I’ve bought the dye! (If I don’t chicken out)

And after I was done blabbering about myself, I’d ask you How your weekend went?

Did you celebrate Valentines Day? (i’d probably have a late valentines goody bag for you as well!)

Have you gotten anything exciting in the mail lately? If not you should leave me your address and I’ll send you something!

Do you think I could pull off being a red head? not like flaming fiery red, but an auburn reddish-brown.

Whatcha drinking?