Memory Lane

by shelbyisrad

These pictures were taken a few months ago (Dec 4th to be exact)

1. I have the most beautiful roommates ever.

2. These pictures make me REALLY miss my long hair!

3. It took an hour and a half to get those curls…

4. I cannot believe that curled it reached my elbows!

5. My roommates are incredible amazing ladies and I am SO blessed to have them in my life!

A little info: I make WEIRD faces sometimes, and the three of us on the right are super goofy while Natalie (far left) is a little bit more serious and thinks the three of us are crazy. We like to be extra crazy around her and try to get her to go along with our craziness and it doesn’t really work but its fun 🙂

More info: I tend to be the one who climbs all over everyone and sits on people. I also happen to be extremely ticklish (and they know this)

I was scolding them for tickling me 🙂

This is Walter 🙂

Go Seahawks! lol

Thats my sweet friend Jayme, she was our honorary roommate each weekend until she moved back home to Michigan

We miss her.


Thanks for allowing me a little walk down memory lane, Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂

I’m off to do laundry and pack for my weekend to Myrtle Beach!

Going to see my adopted family 🙂 Cannot wait to hug their necks and watch Avery dance and be entertained by sweet Reagan.

I’m going to try to set up some blog posts for the weekend no promises it’ll work though.

I’ll be on occasionally, and i’ll be tweeting and taking a LOT of pictures to share with y’all Monday.

Have a fabulous weekend!