What’s in my bag?

by shelbyisrad

I know I’m the last person in the bloggiverse to do this but I thought I’d share what I typically carry in my bag!

This beautiful creation is done by the absolutely amazing Jen. You can buy one of her creations here!

It is without a doubt the comfiest to carry bag EVER.

PLUS its handmade, its recycled material, and best of all it was made with love.


The leather on it smells so good (i absolutely love the smell of leather)

And it holds soo much!

I looove these Starbucks frappuccinos they have been taking up residence in my bag to and from class lately

Prescription sunglasses that aren’t my exact prescription lol

Wallet (from F21) and my phone. yes its a pink square.

Gum, candy, hair ties and bow, my journal I write down random stuff in and my Siesta scripture journal

And my small zippered gussy pouch! I love me some Gussy Ruffles! (buy here.)

I got tired of doing the pictures one by one so i took everything out of my bag….

I also only just realized how blurry this pictures is… its less blurry if you squint a little.


And this is what my gus holds, sharpie pens , lots of lip gloss ipod, gussy cards for when people ask about it.

It holds a lot more but i just cleaned it out.

There was also a lot of random pieces of trash that are pretty standard in my purse πŸ™‚

Oh! And I had to take one with my Nikon in it cause it lives in my purse

and the bible and this journal get squeezed in there on sundays. πŸ™‚