Joy through suffering

by shelbyisrad

I’ve been in a lot of pain lately, mostly emotional, but my heart has literally ached and I get physically sick to my stomach because I get so upset.

But this morning when watching Pastor Jeff’s documentary from The Lugutu Project and he was talking about those precious children being so joyful and praising the Lord when they are far worse off than I am it really rocked me.

And I prayed this morning for God to give me the strength to have Joy and enjoy my life I am in now. No matter how much I am aching I want to be joyful for the life I am more than blessed with. Heres how I found joy today through pictures.

I was outside a little early this morning and sat basking in the sun and marveling at the quietness on campus.


I sat next to this beautiful bike that I swoon over every time I see it.

I really think I might write this person a note telling them how amazing I think their bike is.

I marveled at this sunshine

I had a squirrely visitor 🙂

I indulged in a cupcake before noon

I talked and had fellowship with this pretty lady (and lots of others but she’s the only one I snapped a picture of)

I got to hear this cool cat lead worship.

And be inspired by my awesome pastor.

I got to help sell these incredible hand made necklaces (all the way from Uganda)

I got to eat lunch with this hottie mchott pants. (and two other good friends)

I then went with these goobers

and laid under this perfect blue sky

We had our gear with us

I took pictures with this handsome fella

I swooned over some pretty things

And I bought myself flowers just because they were pretty.

And I was blown away by this awesome photo shoot.