Random truths

by shelbyisrad

Some random facts about me:

1. I rarely laugh out loud at movies/TV/books, even less when I am alone.

2. I hate mess but I create mess

3. I cannot swim and I’m terrified of being underwater

4. I also hate seafood

5. I am permanently pale and do not tan at all, and I have spent my entire life on the coast. (go figure)

6. I have a major sweet tooth, but I did not have one when I was a kid.

Once, when we were younger,my grandma took my brother and I out for ice cream sundaes at Shoney’s… I asked for a bowl of raw broccoli and apple juice.

7. I was a strange kid

8. I love good chicken salad.

9. A heavy breakfast makes me sick.

10. I think milk is disgusting

11. I cannot sleep without my blankey, it also may have two giant holes in it (my grandma threatens to steal it and throw it away anytime she sees it)

12. I have like 6 or 7 journals that I use all the time.

13. I love cats, they’re the best.

14. I’ve always wanted to be a model.

15. I used to hate wearing dresses, now I rarely wear jeans

16. I have terrible vision.

17. I am scared of the dark and sleep with a cow nightlight that a friend made me, but because of our plugs at school the cow is upside down.

18. I sleep with about 8 blankets and rotate out stuffed animals

19. I hate wearing shoes, I would live barefoot or in a pair of black rainbows if I could.