Virtual Coffee

by shelbyisrad

Linking up with Lucky Number 13. and sorry there are no pretty pictures today.

If we were really meeting for coffee I would not be able to stay for long.

I’d ask you to meet me at Port City Java and I’d order an iced caramello leche with extra blackberry

I’d tell you I have a midterm in a few hours that I am not ready for and having such a hard time studying for.

I’d tell you how much I am loving this beautiful weather and hoping it sticks around.

I’d update you on my grandpa, and the update is not good. He’s bedridden and no longer responding to Grandma, since last night she’s not been able to get him to eat or drink or take his medicine. He’s conscious but not there.

I’d tell you this stuff is killing my school work this semester. I have the hardest time focusing when I’m so worried about my grandparents and I cannot seem to get anything done.

I’d ask for your prayers.

I’d ask how your week was?

How is life?

How Can I pray for you?

What’re you drinking?