RIP Grandpa

by shelbyisrad

Not going to be posting my normal What I wore wednesday because I’m not really up for it at all.

My grandma called me last night to let me know Grandpa had passed away.

I cried and cried for about 3 hours and produced a whole lot of snot.

I was flooded with kind words through text messages, facebook, and twitter and it made things a bit better.

I was very much comforted as I went to sleep though, I’m a terrible sleeper as it is and thought I wouldn’t get an ounce of sleep last night. I know it was all the prayers going up and my own too. God always answers and he always knows how to best comfort me. I slept so peacefully and didn’t have any dreams when I was fearing nightmares.

I am going to be with my family this morning, but first Nancy is bringing me breakfast and my sweet friend Aimee is going to come hang out until I go home.

I was seriously blown away by all the texts, tweets and facebook comments and messages I received. Its amazing how this social networking can bring us all together. I was majorly comforted.

I know my Grandpa is in a better place, I am so glad he is renewed and has a working body again.

I know he is watching over me now and I know I’ll be okay eventually.

He was my hero and the first real dad I ever had. He loved me so much and I know it. (I always thought i was his favorite person on this planet )

My family is all going to be together, Grandma is holding up she is a strong lady.

We’re planning to cremate his body and bury him in Arlington Cemetery but they’ve got a backlog so it won’t be for a few months that we actually have his funeral.

These are my favorite pictures of me and Grandpa. He looks so happy in them it makes me smile.

This was from Junior Prom, that smudge is Grandma’s finger 🙂

These are from Senior Prom

This was from my last band concert in high school.


My grandparents have loved me more than most parents love their children.

They raised me to be a smart and kind lady and I will always treasure that.

I will miss Grandpa’s silly phrases and hearing him sing me happy birthday.

I’ll miss taking pictures with him on that front porch any time I dress up fancy.

I will miss his laughter and seeing him sleep at the kitchen table.

I’ll miss his hugs and his heart.