by shelbyisrad

A good friend of mine Aimee, (who just started a blog) told me i should get back to blogging.

She’s right because the best thing for me is to do things that are normal.

But I don’t have any words really.

I guess I’ll go ahead and answer the question everyone is and has been asking ‘Are you okay?’ and ‘How are you holding up?’

I’m okay, I’m holding up just fine. It honestly doesn’t even seem real.

I kind of just want to get back to my routine and feel normal again.

Which I know won’t happen as soon as I’d like, there is a piece of my heart in heaven now.

But I am happy really, Grandpa is no longer suffering, he is in heaven with a renewed body.

Grandma is doing great, she is a strong lady and it honestly is almost a relief for him to not be suffering any longer.

So i don’t know what else to say, except Thank you a MILLION times to every kind word and test and all the messages y’all have all sent me.

I really REALLY appreciate it!