Virtual Coffee (and I am okay, promise)

by shelbyisrad

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I am linking up with Lucky Number 13 for coffee today

If we were meeting for coffee I’d ask you to meet me a Port City Java,

specifically at the one off HWY 17 in Leland because they still make the best caramello leche with extra blackberry ever.

and no one else can seem to get it as good.

If we were meeting I’d tell you I am okay.

If you’ve been reading my blogs you might be worried about me but I promise I’m okay.

and I am still daisy sunshine at heart.

I mean I had a cupcake for breakfast….

and well I may have had one about an hour after that.

I am hanging up pretty words painted by roommates on my wall

I am picking flowers off of a bush on campus to put in a cup on our table

I am still obsessed with pretty journals (that are one of a kind made for me)

And stamps… i have a new love for stamps!

And keeping this as a daily reminder to just Breathe.

How are you doing this week?

What’re you having to drink?