Just so you know

by shelbyisrad

Those of you who have only met me this winter or fall should be warned.

I am pale, I always will be pale.

No matter how many times this summer I lay out at the beach I will continue to be pale.

(I hate laying out anyway its so boring)

I may (hopefully not) be as red as a lobster at some point.

But I will not be tan, it just doesn’t happen. I’ve tried, and it doesn’t work so don’t expect me to be the type who is golden colored and bronze.

I will be pale, I will also probably have at least two bruises on my legs at all times.

Because I am clumsy, I bump into things, coffee tables really like my shins.

and in the summer when its 100+ degrees I will not be hiding my pale, sometimes banged up legs behind jeans.

they will be shown in all there pale glory.

and if you don’t like it shut up and get over it, I’d rather be pale then have skin cancer.

And pale is in right? Vampires and all that? No? oh well I’ll just keep telling myself that. 🙂