Being Crafty

by shelbyisrad

I decided to be crafty today and make myself a binder for school…

a little late since I only have  half a semester left but I was getting frustrated with my other method.

So I got this 3 ring binder from target

And I didn’t like any of the dividers they had there and decided to make my own

I bought scrapbook paper and bright colored labels from target

I bought this new toy, a paper cutter from Michael’s! (its fun)

The hole punch is Grandma’s its old but it does the job

I made my own dividers

I chose two pieces of the paper, cut them down and hole punched them, stuck them together just using the labels.

I will probably glue them together later if they start to come apart

Repeat process three times:

And done! I used grid filler paper because I learned from getting a mole skin I love writing on it more than regular notebook paper.

I am thinking i might buy some pretty fabric to cover the binder with…

and maybe make some pockets?

we’ll see how it develops 🙂

(sorry for the not super good pictures)