Little One

by shelbyisrad

I have a beautiful friend named Courtney (aka Little One), and she is a kick butt photographer.

The boy, myself and courtney went downtown yesterday and goofed off taking pictures.

She took some real gems like these:

I absolutely swoon over that picture!

look at that sunlight!

LOVE how red my hair looks!

That is my real smile. and I normally hate it, I’ve never liked the dimple in my chin or how much my teeth show.

But I look so completely happy in it that i think its actually kind of pretty!

And then there were the goofy pictures like this:

and when Courtney and I get together we can create some goofy photo magic.

Robbie probably said “Y’all are SO crazy” at least ten times.

I love that he’ll snap pictures of us being silly in the middle of dowtown Wilmington while people chuckle as they walk by.

I love that Courtney will be goofy and silly with me.

I love that it was the first day of spring and I spent it with such beautiful people.

I love that the little one, the boy, and I get along so well and have fun simply playing with our cameras.