Rainbow Cupcakes

by shelbyisrad

Last weekend I REALLY wanted cupcakes. Actually, I ALWAYS REALLY want cupcakes but thats besides the point.

I specifically wanted funfetti because everyone knows they’re superior cupcakes.

Walmart didn’t have any (lame) but I bought some food coloring from there then luckily found the box of mix and icing at none other than dollar general.

I did not want o make ordinary funfetti cupcakes, i wanted them to be extra super awesome cupcakes

SO i mixed up that box and added some pretty food coloring!

I didn’t do the rainbow colors necessarily… idk if I’d ever do all the rainbow colors because food/drinks that are green and are not NORMALLY green totally freak me out. I don’t know why it just seems so unnatural to me. (though I’m okay with pink, purple, blue, and yellow? don’t ask, cause I don’t get it either)

after mixing the colors I glopped them all into the cupcake tins layering the colors

Then i popped them in the oven!

They looked so cool when they were cooking like rainbow sorbet 😀

Out of the oven and cooling!

and since I fell asleep while we all watched the movie I didn’t ice them until 6 AM the next morning and forgot to snap a picture

but they were YUMMY and looked SO cool when you bit into them

and they were all a little different since I wasn’t too particular about how I put the layers in.

It was awesome and I plan on doing it again very soon 😀