My dearest friend

by shelbyisrad

I have some INCREDIBLE friends. I feel so blessed by the beautiful people who I have the privilege of living life with.

One of these lovely ladies is Peyton, or as I call her ‘Peycole’ or ‘Peypey’

We met because of church originally and became close because I dated her cousin. I am so thankful for that relationship because I learned a lot and I gained some incredible friendships through it. One such relationships is with my dear Peycole

[image courtsey of hope lewis photography]

Pey is more like a sister than a friend. She is loving, kind, FUNNY, and INCREDIBLY talented. My girl can SING! Y’all I wish I had a recording of her singing or wish you could hear her cause she is sooooo goood.

[Image courtesy of HLP]

She is a brave and beautiful. She is smart and strong. She is an incredible sister both to me and her younger siblings. She is a loving daughter and wonderful friend. I am so so lucky to know her!

Pey and one of her younger sisters Hailey! (who is just as amazing and talented)

This week was Pey’s birthday she is 17! and I was going to do this post then but didn’t get the chance

Thats us hugging at her surprise birthday party last year! Its how we spend most of our time I feel. I am always hugging her! 🙂

What more can I say about Peyton? She is so lovely and encouraging and a beautiful person. I wish you could all know her and be blessed by her beautiful heart because I know I am so lucky to be!

I also have to let you all know today my sweet Peyton and her sister Hailey and another of their good friends, Brittney are competing in a talent competition this week. and THEY ARE GOING TO ROCK IT!!  I know it because their hearts are so for Jesus and they’re so ready for this. I am praying for peace for all three of them! And praying for Peyton’s voice cause her allergies are really messing with her throat but I know she can overcome it!

I hope you enjoyed getting to hear about my sweet friend a little and I hope you’ll join me in wishing her luck and praying for them tonight!