I got a new camera

by shelbyisrad

I bought a film SLR off ebay! With shipping it was $50!

I just finished and got developed my first roll of film

Only 15 of the 24 exposures came out and they’re not perfect by any means but I think I have fallen in love with film.

šŸ™‚ I’m gonna share all the pictures with you just because… so it’ll be picture heavy šŸ˜€

That was my first picture… a blurry dark picture of the boy

Attempts to focus on the raindrops on the window, even got a little bokeh in there!

Another shot of the boy

This is probably my favorite… my eyes never look as blue as they really are on digital. I think i’ll insist from now on my pictures can only be taken with film :p AND you can see my freckles!

Coffee and my lovely coffee cuff from OhSweetJoy

dark one lol

my boy… doesn’t he look so happy

oh that goofy lopsided smile

trying to be creative

The boy took this… i don’t always look so crazy when i go to church i promise

pretty trees on the road to church

Bridge to wilmy


I’ll share my next roll of film once i finish it… i promise i won’t share the entire thing and overload you again šŸ™‚