Spreading Sunshine

by shelbyisrad

I know this incredible girl named Jaclyn. I have never heard her voice or given her a hug or heard her laughter but she has touched my heart. And I’ve only known her a few months if that, met her in thiscrazy little blogging world. The internet is so funny that way. You can read one post and feel like you’ve found a kindred spirit or a life-long friend.

Thats how I felt the first time Jaclyn commented on one of my post and I explored her site and felt like I had found an instant friend. I of course told her she was my new bff and we struck up a friendship through blog posts and sweet comments.

She is such a light in my life, she is beautiful, smart, and kind. She is optimistic and the epitome  of sunshine; all the things I hope and dream I am known as in life. She is also a very sincere and godly lady and she is a wonderful encourager. On my post from yesterday when I was feeling bleh she left me a quote

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

the exact words I needed to hear to be lifted and encouraged. We have become pen pals (i owe her a letter I need to get on that) and I get SO giddy every time one of her letters come. They’re always so kind and full of sunshine.
I got that term ‘spreading sunshine’ from her and I think this is the best way I could spread some sunshine;  telling you all about this beautiful friend of mine.

So go enjoy her beautiful blog and leave her some sweet comments. 🙂

p.s. i’m thinking of turning these ‘my friends are awesome beautiful people’ post into a weekly or maybe bi-monthly feature?