What I Wore Wednesday (feat. the Boy)

by shelbyisrad

My boy and I went on TWO dinner dates in the past week. Can you say SCORE! 🙂

The first one was planned and the boy showed up looking handsome (read: HOTTT)

I had never seen him with his shirt tucked in! (we’ve been dating for almost a year)

I gotta say I LIKE it 🙂 and I forgot to ask him where his clothes are from… and he probably doesn’t know anyway.

Jacket – Rue 21

Sweater Dress -JC Penney Maybe?

Tights – no idea

Boots -Steve Madden

Hair clip, Necklace, Earrings-gift

I think someone is mocking me… -_-

Shirt is from PT’S Grille AKA his new job AKA Monday was his first day and he rocked!


I was trying to make an angry face at him, i don’t remember why but that first one is pretty convincing right?

Dress/Belt- Rue 21 (the dress this belt actually came with)

Boots- Gift

This is probably my favorite outfit to wear ever.

So after Robbie’s first day and my classes he came and picked me up and we went to Apple Bee’s in Leland so he could get his tips, After dinner though we ended up finding this amazing little park (that may have been for residents of the subdivision only…. i may have read that on one of those signs but I just don’t remember)

After goofing off on the playground I decided we needed to take some pictures together with the good ol’ self timer.
Most of them are on my facebook (feel free to shoot me a friend request) these are some I played with and editing on picnik

This was a result of me saying “lets stand stare like we’re in a band”

(‘1960ish’ effect on picnik)

One of my favorites, (1960ish effect plus a little cross processing)

I promise I had shorts on! (Boost and cross process)

This one looks a LOT more steamy then it was… I was actually saying ‘mmmno don’t kiss me” and pulling away.

But i like the muscles in his arm 🙂 he’s hot! and i like the wind in my dress

(just used cross process)

I told you I was wearing shorts. (just heavy cross processing)

Love. this is SO us. converse and cowboy boots.

I wanna make this into my header I think!

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