Casey Lauren

by shelbyisrad

I’ve featured a few lovely friends on my blog before, I told you about the incredible peyton (who needs to start a blog) and the sweet Jaclyn, I’ve talked about a dear family who were in the process of adopting two precious angels.

and Next up I wanna tell you about this lovely lady!

Casey Lauren and her hubby (Casey Samuel) are in the process of becoming foster parents!

The Caseys are INCREDIBLE, they play music, CL is an INCREDIBLE photographer! They’re videographers, and CS is a writer! (Casey Lauren probably is too but I’m not sure if she’s writing anything besides her blog and I know Casey Samuel is working on a novel) Not to mention they’re ADORABLE have two awesome cats, a mega awesome house.

and HUGE hearts for Jesus.

(Casey at Halloween)

They’re real, Casey Lauren has told me before “I’m not good at small talk” she likes to get to the heart of things, she is not surface level. the Caseys both have huge hearts and kind souls and I am SOO excited to share Casey’s new blog with you about their process of becoming foster parents!

Oh and they’re both kind of GORGEOUS.

So go read her blog and follow along their new journey!

And check out Casey Lauren’s photography page here. (She’s taken pictures of me & the boy that I’m in love with)

(All pictures taken from her facebook)