What I wore/am wearing Wednesday

by shelbyisrad

I wore this first outfit on monday, i looooooove this dress its cozy and perfect and wonderful!

The dress is from Ross (i think)

I paired it with my sandals from target and the flower pin is from another dress I got from target

The roomies and I went to this gorgeous local park it was a lot of fun being silly….

though a caterpillar tried to attack me! well it was on my chest and I screamed and freaked out because I do NOT like bugs!

And today I woke up early and decided to curl my hair and look cute!

Dress: Target Boots: Gift Vest: roommate’s closet

Hello curls! Earrings are from The Spring Fling Blog Swap!! The lovely Sarah from Little Miss AOK sent them to me!

They’re gorgeous and I love them. and she is super sweet too πŸ™‚

Necklace: local boutique Bracelet: says “Lovers dance when they’re feeling in love 4/10/10<3” I got one made for me and the boy for our anniversary on Sunday.

Ring: same local boutique as necklace

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