by shelbyisrad

[image from weheartit]

I am a connector.

I connect memories and people with objects, ideas, movies, songs, places, etc.

(And sometimes its negative memories or sad memories and I ruin those things for myself forever.)

For example:

The sound of a ukulele makes me CRINGE. I hate the THOUGHT of someone walking around with a ukulele singing non stop.

Jonas Brothers makes me feel like I’m in high school again.

The smell of hairspray and the site of glittery eye make up takes me back to senior year marching band. Flag corps baby!

I cannot hear the song Hero by Enrique Iglesias without a twinge in my gut and a sinking in my heart.

I refuse to watch the movie 2012 again.

Hearing the creepy grudge sound reminds me of being 14 and screaming and climbing in my friend Laura’s lap in the movie theatre because i was terrified!

Hinder, Lips of an Angel reminds me of a silly high school crush

Anything by Boys Like Girls, Metro Station, Good Charlotte, or The Maine remind me of my meggy.

Downtown southport brings back so many memories its crazy.

Waffle House reminds me of the beginning months when i was dating my boy.

The Emperor’s New Groove and Gilmore Girls are instant Jayme flash backs.

I could go on and on for days. Everything is connected in some way in my mind….

are you a connector?

p.s. my drink more water goal lasted one day…. oops