What I Wore Wednesday

by shelbyisrad

My dearest boy and I went to the park to have a picnik on sunday!

This is what I wore and there are a LOT of pictures that the boy took 🙂 so enjoy the pic overload!

I promise I smile

See! SMILE 🙂

The sun was so bright, it was wonderful. and even though I’m shadowy i like this a lot

More shadowy prettiness

I think I have a love affair with sun flares.

Oh that sunshine! (and i look tan! sweet! that never happens)

Cheesy goofy grin!

Just had to show off these shoes! They’re kind of AMAZING right?

Hat: Target

Top: Miley Cyrus from Walmart ($5 baby! lol)

Skirt: American Eagle

Necklace: Local boutique

Shoes: Gift from This lady.

And one more quick outfit… i wore a lot of cute things this week that I forgot to take pictures of so I thought I’d show you my basic uniform when I’m home at Grandma’s

Yupp. thats my pajamas.

Top: Bought spring break last year at the Universtiy of MN book store

Bottom: Christmas present from Grandma and comfiest things EVER.

add in greasy hair from no shower today and the pretty earrings I was wearing yesterday

I think its pretty classy 🙂

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