A Very Campbell Easter (part1)

by shelbyisrad

My Easter weekend has been pretty great.

We all got together Friday evening, had spaghetti at 9:30 and I fell asleep on the couch before migrating to my room.
Woke up Saturday morning with little miss Reagan crawling in my bed to snuggle. It didn’t last long because she wanted breakfast right away. I made my way downstairs a little bit later and went outside to doodle with chalk when we found this little treasure

A ladybug!

She was smitten, she loved showing her bug off for pictures.

She giggled as it crawled up and down her arms and dropped it at least 2o times gasping “OH NO!” each time, but scooped it right back up after every fall.

This was her lady bug house, the lady bug was not very interested so she began pruning the bushes in attempts to create a pile of leaves for a lady bug home. she offered many leaves to the lady bug for breakfast but lady bug was just not feeling it.

Avery came outside long enough to write her name, add some shading and then ventured back in.

She’s getting to that stage where she’s a little to grown up for everything. Its cute, but frustrating for her mama.

More leaf collecting while lady bug climbs on her.

Very eager puppies watched. They wanted to join us very badly but were content to just watch from inside.

It was my turn for a little lady bug time while Reagan continued to pick leaves

This meant a mini-ladybug photo shoot. (my fingernails look bleh)

I think i was smitten with the ladybug too. 🙂

After chalk and lady bugs we went into Southport and waited for a table at Provision Company. A must have at least 50 times a summer in my opinion. 🙂

Reagan enjoyed walking with her daddy along the pier! Well hopping while her Daddy walked hah.

And she sat next to Mommy a bit

Some Reagan-views of the table (she loves taking pictures with my camera, though most end up blurry)

Our Bob and Nancy 🙂

Condiments (and hello gussy clutch!)

After lunch we headed to the beach. I’ve got about 100 pictures from the few hours there and don’t feel like cropping/resizing/editing them right now so those and easter dress pictures will be in another post. 🙂

So stay tuned!