A Very Campbell Easter Part 2

by shelbyisrad

On Saturday of Easter Weekend we went to the beach.

Reagan is a total beach bum. She is in her happy place on that sand!

I took sooo many pictures and want to share a few of my favorites and hopefully tomorrow I’ll share the last batch of photos from the weekend.

First order of business was sand castles, mainly a way to keep her distracted until Paula got to the shore with the sun screen. They came out pretty good but didn’t last long because we of course promptly stomped on them.

Avery spent a very short amount of time in the water.  I swear she has not an ounce of fat on her body. She lives to be in that dance studio so its not surprising at all! After her short time in the water she was then quite content to soak up sun and read. She is such a little grown up!

This picture makes me melt. Those cheeks, those eyelashes! I could eat her up!

Then Reagan took her turn on the boogie board. she likes to stand on it in the surf and try to ride the breaking waves. Its SO cute and very funny to watch. and Occasionally Rob jumps in to sling her around some. She loved it unless a wave splashed her face when she’d run back up and wipe her face with a towel.

Then it was more sand time, watering the beach, posing for pictures, and deciding to try and bury yourself when no one else would.

This was followed by ‘snow angels’ in the sand which just got the sand good and distributed in all her nooks and crannys

I think I see a surfer in the making 🙂

She is so dang cute!!!!

Oh that pose gets me every time!

Look at that joy! I adore this little beach bum!

presh. ❤