My Week

by shelbyisrad

Despite the stress of the semester ending, and not doing as well as I know I could have on a performance, this week has been pretty awesome. I’m not sure any one thing made it great but I just felt really happy and excited about everything this week.

Maybe not necessarily happy, i had some very grumpy/angry moments this week but I just really enjoyed most of this week.

It was simple stuff like two of my roommates, Alyssa and Jessix, getting blogs. I love their blog posts popping up in my feeder giving me a sweet look into their lives. Even when some of the things I already know about it just really makes me smile.

Monday Robbie, Alyssa, Jess and I got coffee before class and it was yummmmmy! Its always nice to do things with them off campus even as simple as coffee.

Aimee coming over on Tuesday and bringing yummy pizza and we just sat watching America’s Funniest Home Videos for a few hours. We were cracking up majorly! we also had some of my sorbet that I had kind of forgotten about and it was a really fun few hours even if we didn’t go to Overflow like originally planned.

Our future roomie bought us dinner on Wednesday, chick-fil-a nuggets and lemonade mmm soo good. Then I convinced everyone to go to Walmart… i really wanted Easter candy and i ended up buying nerds and ring pops as well as popsicles, ice cream, multi colored ice cream cones, funfetti cake mix, and berries. best walmart list ever.

Also on Wednesday I had my usual decipleship meeting with Charlotte, it was awesome. She asked me some great questions that got me thinking about how I had grown the past semester and year. I don’t really ever think of myself growing in just a four month time period but when I was reflecting back I really had grown and thanks a lot to Charlotte challenging me and me really giving up control.

Thursday the boy and I spent a few hours together and got some yummy dinner at Bdobo’s. I looooove a good mongolian grill! and despite the girl at the table next to us dropping f-bombs every two words it was a really great night. And the creepy lightening was even kind of pretty as long as I put the thought of getting struck and dying out of my mind!

Friday I spent a lazy day at the boy’s house, then we got dolled up and went to Cru.’s semi-formal, I danced pretty much non-stop and screamed along to all the songs I knew. I kicked my shoes off within an hour and then I only stopped dancing for some lemonade. which really only made me thirstier lol. By the end of the night I was barely walking but we has SOOO much fun.

This blog is very wordy, and no pictures but i’ll make it up to you next time with lots of pictures from the formal last night!

Have a beautiful weekend!