Virtual Coffee

by shelbyisrad

Its been way too long since I’ve done a virtual coffee post!

If we were meeting for coffee we’d either have to meet at a coffee shop or your place….


Right before exam week… /sigh/ and I cannot afford to be hitting up the coffee shops this week!!

So if we were meeting for coffee I would first ask you if you knew of any good ideas for helping bug bites.

I have over 20 bites on one arm and it HURTS and itches… I’ve done oatmeal bath and put dawn dish detergent on it and it works for a bit then just flames back up. 😦 I don’t think I’m gonna garden ever again! (thats not true, if grandma asks I so will)

I’d tell you how my calves are STILL hurting from dancing for 4 hours friday.

That’s me dancing tamely. 🙂

I also made the mistake of wearing my 5 inch wedges all day the next day which didn’t help the soreness.

If we were meeting for coffee I’d tell you I tried to make funfetti cupcakes in cones…. and it didn’t work exactly…

it was pretty much warm batter in the bottom… which was still freaking delicious.

If we were meeting for coffee i’d tell you I am equally excited and sad that school is ending.

I am gonna miss the heck out of my roommates!

I’d also introduce you to one of my new favorite bloggers!

Readers meet Roo, go read her blog, and laugh your butt off then leave a comment saying Hi!

She’ll love you forever 🙂

So will I!

I hate to cut coffee short, I’ve got a lot of studying to do.

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