8 benefits of being the last person to leave our apartment

by shelbyisrad

1. I can blast my ‘packing’ playlist as loud as I would like… which really isn’t that loud I just don’t have other noises competing with it so I can hear it really well.

2. I can slowly merge all of my things into the rest of the apartment without interfering with anyone else, (I had a trail from my door towards the main door.)

3. I can pee and leave the bathroom door open… sometimes i have to go so bad I don’t have time to close the door, when no one is around this is much easier and i don’t have to try to close the door after I sit down on the toilet.

4. I can dance crazy when I feel anxious and need to get all my nerves out.

5. ooooohh the wonders of having a thermostat all to myself. that baby stayed at 73! And there was never any actual air blasting through the vents and freezing me to death.

6. I can wear whatever crazy clothing combination I find most comfortable. (like a sweater over a dress that I ended up wearing all day and out anyway and both Grandma and my boy didn’t really like)

7. I can pack in any weird random makes no sense way I would like without comments from the peanut gallery.

8. I can take as many breaks as I want!

A few negatives:

1. I have like no arm strength… i cannot lift anything!

2. I end up with 5 bruises on my shins because I can’t lift anything so I push things with help from my legs.

3. ย I have to scrub stains on the floor with a crappy sponge. booo.