Summer plans/goals

by shelbyisrad

(click on photos to enlarge)

I want to read and read and read and then read some more.

I want to wake up at a decent hour most days, fix a cup of coffee grab a book and a blanket to sit on and bike to the nature trail nearby.

I want to read my bible every day.

I want to help make Grandma’s garden beautiful.

I want to sit in the sun or on the porch with Grandma and talk with her for hours.

I want to get rid of a lot of the junk I have.

I want to finish Grey’s Anatomy, ANTM, and Vampire Diaries.

I want to watch at least 5 classic movies I’ve never seen.

I want to go to the beach and be okay with just sitting in the sand enjoying the warmth.

I want to enjoy each day.

I want to take Lucy for walks.

I want to have a wonderful birthday party.

I want to journal some in one of my 5 trillion notebooks.

I want to find a summer job I enjoy.

I want to get my license.

I want to go on a picnic, fly a kite, visit the free museums in Wilm, go bowling, go to parks, and eat a LOT of fresh fruit.

I want to learn 5 new recipes.

I want to not spend every day in my pajamas but definitely spend an entire day in them once a week or so.

I want to spend time with people who are truly invested in my life.

I want to really invest in the lives of the people around me.

I want to write letters every week.

I want to take pictures daily and also learn all about Grandma’s DSLR.

I want to clean out a corner of my room and create a reading nook for myself.

I want to learn a new skill. (sewing would be awesome, swimming would be a miracle)

I want to drink a lot of smoothies.

All photos taken and edited by me. Do not use without permission!