by shelbyisrad

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It blows me away how personal God is.

I’ve heard many times in sermons and talks God being called personal, but until you experience his personal care for you it isn’t the same.

It delights me also that God knows the simple things that bring me joy and I firmly believe he provides these things for me because he loves me and cares for me and it just amazes me.

The first time I remember seeing something small and personal God did for me was one morning in High school I was getting dressed and felt very overwhelmed by all the things I had to do that day. I thought to myself ‘I would love to walk to the bus in complete silence, just be able to calm down and center myself.’ It was an unreal thought because normally there are all kinds of birds making noises and horses and I typically walked with Aimee and her sisters.

But for whatever reason we didn’t walk together and as I stepped outside and made my way to the bus stop there was no sound… no birds chirping, no passing cars, the dogs didn’t bark. It was just me, the cool crisp air and God. It was the most incredible sense of calmness and I felt God saying “I listen, I know you, this is for you”

I barely whispered ‘Thank you’ breaking the silence for a moment afraid to speak out loud and ruin it all.

But it was absolutely silent until the bus came and I felt a sense of love and being cared for all day long.

The things though God does are so sometimes much more simple than that. I adore squirrels I think they’re wonderful adorable creatures and I swear every time I go out on campus God puts them in my path. I get a rush of excitement and joy and I know God is near me. It sounds silly but every squirrel I see reminds me of God and his love for me.

And I’ve heard so many sweet stories of God’s personal love for others it is wonderful to hear. My Grandma told me the story of her search for the property our house is on. She said she went to Mr. Gilbert nine times before he said “Okay I have a piece of property for you”  and showed her a wooded piece that was alright. But she said the week before she wrote a letter to God asking for 5 acres of land that was open and she could either see the sunset or sunrise. and Mr. Gilbert came back to her and said “I’ve got a better piece of property” and brought her to the current 6 acres of wide open space with a perfect view of a sunrise and she said “Sold”  (she paid 6 grand an acre when the lowest price she had seen before that was 12 an acre)

And last night just in conversation at a friend’s graduation party I was talking to a sweet couple Lanise and Thai and we were talking about Lanise not having her ears pierced and before Thai and Lanise met one of the things he wanted in his future wife was for her to not have her ears pierced. Such a simple request and seemingly unlikely with so many girls having their ears pierced but God gave it to him.

Their story last night made me giddy, its so wonderful seeing the characteristics of God in life.

Do you have a story of God’s personal love?

(as usual I took and edited these, please do not use without permission!)