Birthday Wishes

by shelbyisrad

I honestly hate the question “So…. what do you want for your birthday?”

Its an awkward question because I never really know what I want… and I don’t like asking for things anyway.

But since my birthday is two weeks away (AH!) I know the question will arise so I will just tell everyone ‘go read my blog’ πŸ™‚

SO what do I want for my birthday?
Well there’s the big things that I don’t expect anyone to actually get me lol

like a new pair of black rainbows, a beach cruiser, new bedding for my room in the fall.

  • Other things I’d love are books… books are ALWAYS a good idea
  • Pretty jewelry I tend to wear silver and i love colorful unique things.
  • Pretty journals, stationary, or good (colorful) pens.
  • Art for my walls next year; a poster, print, or pretty canvas.
  • Headbands or hair accessories make me smile
  • Anything in my esty favorites (click here).
  • Candles (not soy based, can’t use those on my warmer)
  • Anything with a cute cat on it lol
  • 35 mm film or a gift card to a CVS/Walgreens (i recently bought a film camera, love getting and developing film)

And if all else fails gift cards are a girl’s bestfriend.

Starbucks, PCJ, Itunes, Amazon, Clothing Stores, Walmart/Target (can be used to buy groceries in the fall! lol)

But really, I would be so happy with a hug a smile and a card. πŸ™‚ (which many of you laugh at me when I say thus i’m creating the list lol)