Ready or not

by shelbyisrad

I don’t think I’m ready to turn 20… it sounds much to grown up for me.

I like being a teenager, I enjoy being young and carefree.

I want to pull a peter pan and never grow up… is that allowed?

Oh I wish it was….
Growing up is SCARY.

Or maybe thats just me?

Some people think its strange when I tell them I’m only turning 20, they expect me to be in my twenties already.

Which is strange to me because I still feel like such a baby, and it shocks me when people think I am older than I am. (though it bothers me when people think i’m younger than I am too)

But seriously, growing up is seriously freaking me out.

and seriously? i have seriously used seriously way too many times in that sentence… seriously.

(I hope to have up a great post soon about one of my skilled friends)