the moon and other things

by shelbyisrad

I announced it on twitter already (and in a text to a friend) but I am quite certain I am in love with the moon. It is simply remarkable  and it makes me feel all swoony whenever I look at it. Hence I am pretty sure I am in love.

Today I did a lot of laying around (what i’ve been doing most days) but I got my butt up put on my new shirt and went to church with aimee and luke. then we went to starbucks and sat for a few minutes before deciding to drive to the mall and find the photobooth and take pictures. It was random and fun and we made it to the mall 12 minutes before it closed, took our pictures and went back home.

Tomorrow Grandma will go for another doctor appointment in chapel hill and we will hopefully soon get a date for the stem cell transplant, this waiting stuff really is no fun. I am planning to clean my room and put stuff away tomorrow since I will have the house to myself, i do my best cleaning/organizing when I am alone. I don’t know how I’m going to clean if I’m a mom some day.

Hopefully the internet will be faster tomorrow it has been painfully slow today and driving me all kinds of crazy. At one point I got very agitated and closed my computer and wrote two letters but then I forgot to put them in the mailbox… I will do that first thing in the morning… after i take care of Lucy and the chickens. We have four new babies I’ll post pictures of soon!

p.s. birthday is in 10 days, today I am excited its coming!

p.p.s. I called someone ‘noble’ tonight and used the word ‘remarkable’ i like both of those words a lot.