Packing and shtuff

by shelbyisrad

After babysitting for a few hours I came back home and started trying on outfits for this weekend. and I know what i’m wearing every day! I  gt a solid outfit for each day then threw in an extra pair of jeans/shorts and a few shirts just in case.

I am really excited for tomorrow to get here and to get away for a few days with my boy and his family. The fact that I have not seen him since Sunday has made me crazy this week. and I feel like our lack of being together (and frustrating things happened) has really interfered with our communication and I cannot wait to spend time with him.

So I probably won’t be blogging the next few days, and I am not being a good blogger and scheduling posts ahead of time like I should. But as long as the rapture doesn’t come on Saturday I think I have a series I’ll begin posting sharing with y’all a bit of my story. Hope y’all have beautiful lovely weekends and pray for me. I’m still nervous about meeting his extended family! Though everyone is insisting I’ll be great. We shall see ❤