My dad

by shelbyisrad

So I was kidding when I said I wasn’t blogging again… but i was serious at the time.

I just had to share something with you…

Its my Dads birthday today!

While he may not be my biological father he is the closest thing to a Daddy I ever had.

He is the best daddy in the WORLD. Not only is he incredibly smart, a veteran, and really talented at singing, piano, drums and guitar (all self taught) but he is also an incredible follower of Jesus. He loves with all of his heart and loves everyone he meets no matter what. He is an incredible father, friend, and mentor. and I am incredibly bless to be a part of his family.

So this is a Happy Birthday to you Matty B! The best daddy and youth pastor in the world.


your kiddo!

p.s. sorry if you’re crying dad. πŸ™‚