by shelbyisrad

I really need to get back into the habit of blogging regularly, my roommates are doing such a great job of documenting their summers. (Jess’s and Alyssa’s) They are actually doing fun things too which I really haven’t. I have pretty much sat around the house almost every day helping grandma clean sometimes.

My blog post about summer plans I wanted to do… well the only one I’ve been very good at is staying in my pjs… which i said i on;y wanted to do once a week or so. I haven’t gotten on my bike once…. its sad… I really want to ride down to this nature trail but the fact of going alone is unappealing to me… I really need to work on my ability to be alone. Also been thinking of testing out riding my bike while leading Lucy on a leash, she would LOVE the exercise I’m sure of it.

Maybe that’ll be my next adventure. I am really excited for this weekend… Tonight I am hopefully going to see my sweet friend Hope graduate and then tomorrow Aimee is coming over, we’re gonna help Grandma go through her closet and then go shopping for my birthday party stuff! Saturday my friend Peyton is graduating! and Sunday I get to go to church then celebrate 20 years of life with my friends!

I’ll do my best to document it all.


OH! Almost forgot! I bought premium picnik and have been playing with some photos I took in charlotte…

whatcha think?

Its not in focus but it makes my heart smile 🙂

hawt! right? 😉

Sarah is a babe!

No idea what this bug was but he was awesome


I may or may not stare at this picture every five minutes. My boy is quite the handsome guy, he’s not usually a bass player but played during one song and when broke out into a bass solo my heart went crazy. I’m smitten 🙂

Playing with the collage feature on scrap book 🙂

Most of the pictures I took in charlotte were of the bands playing and i took probably 500 the whole weekend.

Most of the ones of the band are up on my facebook if you wanna check them out here.

❤ ❤ <#