On Forgetting (five-min friday)

by shelbyisrad

The gypsymama does a ‘5 minute friday’ where you write for 5 minutes on a prompt, no editing what you write just write for five minutes and then post it. I’ve never done something like this before but I fell asleep last night thinking about memories and forgetting and wanted to try it out.
SO, here goes…

Memory is a funny thing, The boy always talks about how I remember things from a year or so ago and if I ask him about them he says “I can’t even remember what happened yesterday, I can’t remember last summer!” I’m not sure how I remember what happened last summer or how long I will have those memories because I’ve realized how truly forgetful I am… maybe not forgetful but my memories…. well they don’t seem real…. I don’t know how to explain it but the things that happened a few years ago seem so vague and sometimes I fear that I just made it up.

Like I can’t remember any real details about my High School Graduation… I don’t know who our speaker was, I barely remember who the valedictorian was and I only just realized how little I remebember last night when I was at my friend’s graduation. I cannot explain it because I know I graduated, I remember the tears and swell of pride as I walked on the stage but the feelings and memory is just so vague. 

Another thing I have forgotten…. I don’t remember a single birthday celebration before I was 10… not a single one… I know one birthday I slept in a tent with friends but I don’t remember which friends or what else we did. Its really strange how I’ve forgotten, I’m not sure why i forget or when I do but sometimes it seems like those vague memories I have aren’t even mine.

And stop.

Writing for five-minutes is hard, i kept looking at the clock and my heart beat sped up in the last few seconds trying to crank that sentence out. Hah. Well I’m linking up with the gypsymama