I quit!

by shelbyisrad

Sometimes I just wish I could scream those words ‘I QUIT’ into the faces of the people who frustrate me.

Because honestly I am so SO SO tired of reaching out to people, trying to care for them and love on them just to be shut down or ignored.

I am tired of trying to be the listening ear and the kind heart when so many times I just get a slap in the face.

I’m tired of asking how people are and expecting a real answer and getting nothing.

I just want to give up, say I quit! and go sit in a corner and be self absorbed and ignore the world.

Then I remember how many times I spit in the face of my Jesus, how many times I denied him and his help and just shut him down. I remember when my Jesus was persecuted for loving people, for being different and trying to change the world. He was nailed to a cross, I’ve just been ignored. He is the reason for the compassion in my heart. He is the reason I want to reach out to the hurting and pull them in and hug them tight.

He never gave up on me, so I cannot give up on the world no matter how hard it is.

I will continue to reach out to the hurting people in my life, I will ask how they are and hope for a real answer and I will be there to really listen and genuinely love the people in my life (wether they want my love or not).

I will pray for you, I will love you, I will hug you when you let me.

I am here, I won’t quit.