20 things (or Happy Birthday tooo meee!)

by shelbyisrad

So today is my twentieth birthday and its kind of blowing my mind. 20 seems so much older than I feel I am.

I mean i know 20 year olds who are engaged/married… heck my grandma had 3 boys in diapers when she was twenty (that was a different era i know)

In honor of my 20th birthday I wanted to create a list of 20 things I’ve learned.

1. Friends are not forever…. this is a sad thing to learn but also a good thing to learn. I totally thought I’d be the exception to the rule that your high school friends won’t be your friends forever. I thought that because my closest friends and I shared this deep bond beyond high school and more of the fact that we were brothers/sisters in Christ. But I haven’t seen a majority of those friends in months…. There are some exceptions, like Aimee who has been my bff since middle school and some do try to stay in touch over facebook but accepting the fact that those people will not always be in my life has been a hard lesson. But learning to allow people to leave my life has been a good one

2. Forgive, forgive, forgive. I know that without my ability to forgive I would be a very bitter angry person.

3. Even if you’re not great at it, if you enjoy it, DO IT. I have kept this blog up because its fun, I don’t have a following and i don’t get a whole lot of comments but I think its fun. Same thing with photography, i am by far not the best. But its fun and I’m learning!

4. Eat what you want. I have a great metabolism and as long as its kicking I am so going to eat that extra cupcake. (my favorite foods are veggies and fruits so I’m not SUPER concerned that i eat an extra cupcake or two)

5. People suck sometimes, but its mostly because they are broken and hurt. Love them with all you got anyway.

6. Boys will break your heart. Even if you think you’re invincible and that they can’t crack your shell. Rejection always will hurt.

7. Loving people heals a broken heart.

8. Coffee is delicious…. especially when french vanilla creamer is added.

9. Kindness is the most important quality. My grandma has always told me how important kindness is and Its so true.

10. Government and politics suck… but I will always be 100% supportive and appreciative of the incredible things our Military does for us.

11. I have too much stuff.

12. The people who care will always be there.

13. I can survive anything when I give God the reigns. Be it death of my hero, cancer diagnosis, or standing up in front of a class and presenting something.

14. SUNSCREEN. (One bad sunburn before age 16 increases your chances of getting melanoma by 50% and peeling skin is GROSS)

15. Smile, even when you don’t feel like it the simple act of smiling makes everything a little better.

16. Do it all, have fun while you’re young. My grandma tells me this anytime I ask her if she’s alright with me going somewhere different and exciting.

17. Pets make everything better.

18. its okay to be 20 and still have a blankey. (if it bothers other people screw them)

19. Wear what makes you happy. Break ‘fashion rules’

20. Family comes from much more than a blood relation. Its hugs, tears, staying up late talking, going places, making memories, and falling into their arms when the world seems to be falling apart. The strongest bonds are the ones formed in the times you least expect it.

Thank you to all my family (both blood related and not) for encouraging me and loving me throughout these past 20 years. Especially the past few years when life really got hard. I know that I am loved and cared for by the most amazing people God created.

and because its my birthday and I decide the rules I wanted to add these:

21. Be the one who reaches out.Ā My (favorite) teacher last semester, Beth Becka, pushed us to do our best but most importantly created and environment where i connected with my classmates and genuinely loved and enjoyed them all. She encouraged us to be the one in our future classes to reach out and connect with others.

22. Its okay to not have your life figured out.Ā I don’t know what I want to do with my major, I don’t know how many kids I want or for certain who I will marry. and as Grandma said today ‘Most major decisions only affect the next two years of your life’

23. I am loved.Ā šŸ™‚

(The picture up top is me 4 or 5 years ago, i think it pretty accurately reflects who I am)