Dear Grandpa

by shelbyisrad

Hey Grandpa, I thought I’d share with you that since you left earth I have listened to this song 155 times, it kept me going when I thought I couldn’t. I have learned to cook your two favorite meals: tacos and black beans and rice. Grandma and Uncle Brian were impressed and raved about both meals!

Since you left I’ve turned 20, can you believe it? Your little girl is growing up. I hope I am making you proud. Since you died I have grown from crying every day to only every now and then, though I don’t ever stop thinking about you. I found one of your pins the other day, its an anchor and I can’t wait to start wearing it.

Since you left we taught Lucy a few new tricks, she can ‘high-five’ and roll over. I finished my sophomore year of school with all B’s and I’m a junior in college now… its incredible to think of all that I have done since you went to Jesus. Its amazing that I have been able to continue living life.

I missed you so much yesterday, I sang your birthday song to myself as I fell asleep. I hope whatever heaven is like that you are able to watch me grow and do my best to make you proud. I miss you more and more every day and no celebration will ever be complete without you. Its memorial day today and I am thinking of the years of service you did for our country and how amazing i think it is that so much of our family have served.

I love you Grandpa,

Your Precious Angel

p.s. We got new humming bird feeders and have lots of them visiting on the front porch now 🙂