The little things

by shelbyisrad

The little things in life really make me happy…

Like my good friends calling me Martha Stewart and talking about how i will be the perfect house wife.

Bright orange and coral nail polish.

Cooking dinner for Grandma and Uncle Brian and it turning out perfect!

Flowers from the yard in a mason jar, another mason jar filled with jolly ranchers and gum.

Candy, candy and more candy.

Thought-filled birthday presents.

Chick flicks

Dessert before dinner

Long bike rides and working up a good sweat

Writing thank-you letters…. or any kind of letter for that matter.

Comfy dresses

A new journal and a good pen.

Finding my nail polish top coat! (yay for delayed chipping)

And every single comment left on my blog, y’all have NO idea how much it means to know my words are heard and appreciated, i reply to them all usually a simple thank you but i do. and i love every single word of encouragement 🙂

p.s. i plan on taking pictures of my mason jars in the morning light tomorrow! will share in another post soon.