Fridays Featured Friend

by shelbyisrad

I’ve done a few posts like this featuring some of the incredibly talented (or just fabulous) friends I have! And boy do I have some talented friends! I am seriously blessed to be surrounded by such creative, beautiful people!

Today I have to tell you about Katie Moore.

I knew Katie before she was a big-time photographer 🙂

I met her in the 8th grade, our years of friendship were spent praising jesus and having fun with our friends. Katie is a beautiful girl not only physically but inside too. She is fun, honest, loving, and so so kind. This is Katie:

And she takes KILLER pictures! I remember being at her audition and first fashion show for Flash Model Management, then after some modeling she suddenly was the girl behind the camera and her talent shined. She also put her fantastic administrative skills to the test and put on auditions/fashion shows for Flash (I got to last minute be in one… SO fun!)

Not taken by katie, but thanks to her i can say I was a gap model once 🙂

A few she has taken of little old me. back when my hair was long!

Katie has gone from the blonde, silly girl I knew as a teen to a talented, (still blonde and silly), traveling the country, mega-talented photographer. I cannot tell you how proud I am to call her friend!

Heres a snapshot of her work:

Hah i just realized how similar all the ones of her work I had picked out intitially…. guess you can tell the aesthetic i love!!

Lets mix it up some though:

This is only a FRACTION of her work, visit her page HERE to see a ton more.

Katie is such an incredibly kind and sweet girl, I love that she is part of my life and I am so excited to see where her future takes her.

Dearest Katie,

I love you! Keep being the amazing girl you are! And never think for a second you’re not as beautiful as the models you shoot are because not only are you GORGEOUS you have a heart of gold and the sweetest soul. I adore you and look up to you so much. Keep going after your dreams!



(All photos taken from Katie’s Facebook page with permission)

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