Fun and stuff

by shelbyisrad

Last night my boy and I went on a date! It was last minute but fun.

We went to a little place in Southport called Bella Cucina, I was craving Italian and their lasagna is GOOD stuff!

(thats robbie’s drawing)

Oh and here is a peek at the back of my hair!

Some other things:

  • My best friend is suffering the loss of her Grandbobby and her and her family need prayers. His funeral is today so please keep them in your thoughts
  • Grandma is in Chapel Hill, yesterday she got the chemo that is supposed to knock out all the bad cells and today she starts the stem cell transplant. She’ll be in the hospital for at least two weeks then has to stay near the hospital for a week after that. Needless to say I already miss her so much and would love prayers for her in the hospital and also for me. I am trying not to worry about everything and be content here at home.
  • June is going by super fast! I am sad because I want summer to slow down but happy because I miss the heck out of my roommates!