I don’t like Father’s Day

by shelbyisrad

Today I will be okay with the fact that my ‘father’ didn’t care enough to stick around.

I will be okay with the fact that my Grandpa is no longer here to fill the void i feel on father day.

I will be okay with the fact that i struggle with fully embracing my heavenly father and simply let him embrace me.

I try so hard to be the girl okay without an earthly father. I try to trust that God knows what he is doing when he took away my grandpa but sometimes its really freaking hard. and when my heart aches and i can’t curl up in my daddy or granddaddy’s arms its like my heart is being ripped open and stomped on.

When i feel hurt, sad, insecure, or jealous over some stupid girl all i want to hear is ‘You’re lovely Shelby’ and I struggle with hearing that from God. I know its my own self getting in the way from hearing it but i just want a daddy here on earth to tell me those things.

I really don’t like Father’s Day.

And I’m here to tell you other daddy-less girls that i understand when you don’t feel or hear God. Its okay to hate the fact that you don’t have a Dad. Its okay to not like father’s day. Cause i don’t like it either.

And even when we’re longing to be able to embrace a daddy, God is holding you, and calling to you and waiting for you to listen. he is telling you, you are lovely and you are loved.