1,300 Things to Be Grateful For

by shelbyisrad

Documenting and appreciating the wonderful things in life both big and small. Inspired by Stephanie Violet and This message from my Pastor.

26. Friendship bracelets… (and finally learning how to make new ones)

27. Having horses for 10 years of my life (and glad for them to be in a new home where they can really enjoy life)

28. Reagan and Avery, i am blessed to have them and their parents in my life. God always provides the family I need

29. Hugs from my big brother, and also him asking my opinion. it makes my heart happy

30. .99 books through amazon (and free books too)

31. Blueberry Banana Pancakes wif my boy. (post coming tomorrow)

32. Spending a whole day with Peyton doing a whole lot of nothing

33. Watching Hockey with my ‘Dad’ and his family and some good friends. (AND THE BRUINS WON WOO!)

34. Actually sort of understanding what happens in hockey

35. A good long nap.

36. New Sunglasses (and an extra free pair)

37. Celebrating Father’s Day with Robbie’s family

38. Having many Dads even without having a biological one.

39. The Bible on Kindle

40. Dessert before dinner

41. Freedom


43. Sarah

44. Snuggles with kitties

45. Borrowing books from friends

46. Having musician friends

47. Bread sticks with exra marinara sauce

48. Rocky Road ice cream in a waffle cone

49. Reuniting with these friends

50. These tattoos