Blueberry Banana Pancakes

by shelbyisrad

I made dinner for my boy and I 🙂 it was YUMMY

Want the recipe?
I used the great value brand “just add water” pancake mix

put some blueberries in the batter

then cooked according to the box and after pouring the blueberry filled batter on the skillet i’d put as many banana slices i could fit on the pancake 🙂

We enjoyed them on the front porch 🙂 though i got a stink eye when I started taking pictures of him chowing down (he is so cute!)

I make silly faces and can apparently cross my eyes! lol


I was super impressed with that sequence of shots, Robbie is getting good at focusing on different points though I’m not sure he even did it on purpose. I liked them 🙂

Look at the blueberry goodness!!

And yes I gave my last bite to Lucy, I love her. 🙂