I’m alive!

by shelbyisrad

Hey readers!! I’m alive! I promise! I have been neglecting this poor blog this week because…

I GOT A NEW JOB!! It was mega last minute and kind of just fell in my lap.

A good friend’s Mom, Debbie, called me on tuesday night and asked if I was still looking for some work.

I am answering phones for a company called Project Works on Bald Head Island. (they do construction and maintenance)

I answer phones and help debbie with filing stuff, I also look up numbers and stuff on the internet a lot for Fred (my boss).

Its so much better than restaurant work, and I looove my co-workers and boss!

I’m also getting better about not getting sea-sick on the boat. though it still makes me nauseous on the way home.

Ohyeah! I take a ferry to and from work! Its the contractor ferry, not the nice one that the regular people and tourist take, but I love sitting up top on the way home and feel the wind and see the water.

One of these days i’ll take my camera and snap some pictures for y’all 🙂

and I’m gonna try to schedule some posts for the days I work so i don’t leave you hanging 🙂