1,300 Things to be Thankful For Week 3

by shelbyisrad

51. A new phone, i got it a few weeks ago and still don’t know the buttons super well but it’s battery life and the fact that i get texts when they’re sent is AWESOME

52.  Sleeping for 13 hours.

53. A new job!!

54. Amazing co-workers at the new job!

55. Riding a boat to and from the new job especially riding back because I always ride on top and i looove the breeze!

56. The Hunger Games series I’m reading the second one, and it captures me! I love a book that captures my attention!

57. Grandma is getting better, she got out of the hospital sunday! (she’s staying in the vicinity of the hospital for a week or two though)

58. Pandora and a good station I can listen to at work.

59. The Austin Family, who take care of me and feed me when i am home alone 🙂

60. Eating lunch with Good friends at work

61. Being able to wear pretty clothes at work. I ❤ dresses and pretty shirts

62. This peach cake recipe…. i need to get some peaches!

63. Pintrest. i can get lost in those pictures and links for hours.

64. Jaclyn and her blog. This girl makes my heart happy.

65. Lifetime Movie Network. hah its good stuff

66. This website. you should go join, and help her out!

67. Chocolate, nomnom

68. Soft cardigans and sweaters. I am always cold, I’m not a fan of AC blowing on me directly.

69. Fresh fruit, watermelon, berries, yummmm

70. Lucy’s excitement when I come home after being gone a while.

71. online window shopping…. this shirt is amazing and I waaant it!

72. My gorgeous friend Hope being baptized 🙂

73. NeedToBreathe… I ❤ a good band and they’re AMAZING! You should join the street team (if you click here i’m ‘recruiting you’ and i get points ;D)

74. Social media, i love feeling connected to others

75. Getting goodies in the mail!

(sorry for no pictures this week)