1,300 Things to be thankful for Week 4

by shelbyisrad

Though my blogging has been nothing but slack lately I am going to keep up with this! You can read week one and find out the inspiration here. And don’t forget to check out the originator of this Stephanie Violet.

Also heres a link to all the 1300 week posts.

(picture by my dearest courtney. text added by me)

76. GRANDMA IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

77. Grandma is home a week and a half early because she is doing so well! her immune system is fantastic and all her counts are super high!

78. Grandma is home and laying on the compliments as usual, i missed those today she complimented my hair twice, said I had a ‘cute butt’ and talked about just how pretty I was!

79. Grandma and I both believe she is getting better so well because of all the prayer that is going on for her. There are people worldwide praying for her and just keeping her in their thoughts and it is my belief that is why she is healing so great!

80. God heals. ❤

81. This message about healing.

82. Still super thankful for my job, though it is BEYOND exhausting (hence lack of blogging)

83. Cute new clothes. (i’ll blog about them soon)

84. Being able to raid grandma’s jewelry box

85. Effortless hair

86. Girls nights with Sarah and Hope. So much fun.

87. Robbie taking me to and from work even when he has to wake up early.

89. Living in an area that comes alive at 4th of July

90. Connecting with blogging friends offline 🙂

91. Late birthday presents from my mom

92. The Hunger Games trilogy I finished the second book and just downloaded the third. so frikkin good!!

93. all 13 Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events books on my kindle for free thanks to my Uncle.

94. Papa John’s pizza

95. Getting dressed up and just sitting around the house all day

96. Good deals on snapfish

97. Free Music!! (Karmin and Adele)

98. Really easy hair styles

99. Free reign in Grandma’s jewelry box

100. This.