Vacation Day 1

by shelbyisrad

You might be wondering where people who live at the beach go for vacation?

Well to a different beach of course! 🙂

Here’s some pictures from our road trip to Isle of Palms and our first walk on the beach

I slept HARD the first hour or so and woke up to enjoy some zaxby’s. then we stopped at a group of shops called The Hammock Shops on Pawley’s Island… we sat in a lot of hammocks (duh) and enjoyed the candy store!

More hammock shop and candy store pictures 🙂 (love robbie’s dads photo bombing in the third one)

While the guys bought groceries us girls had an epic beach adventure.
Sarah found a sand dollar and we saw a guy catch a baby shark as well as a sting ray!

Some beach creatures and Sarah 🙂

The bird Sarah be-friended that may have been hurt… we couldn’t tell for sure.

I love how big and open the beach seems here compared to home. And there are a lot less people!

After our walk we ate chinese take-out, unloaded groceries, and watched So You think you can dance dance dance dance… 🙂

Oh and you can click any of these pictures to see them larger.