Vacation Day 4

by shelbyisrad

Today was a laid back day. We spent some time at the beach!

(I actually got in the water)

We then went for lunch at the Pizzaria across from our condo but I ended up leaving and getting robbie to walk me back cause i felt yucky.I did get my caesar salad to go and it was yummy! sadly i forgot to take pictures… maybe we will stop by there another afternoon.

the rest of the afternoon we read and relaxed before going across the street again for Ben and Jerry’s!

Robbie got Chunky Monkey, (which was delicious!) Sarah got Cookie Dough, Mom got Chocolate Mint, Dad got Cherry Garcia, and I got the only good seafood i’ll eat… Phish Food 😉

After that we walked to one of the beach stores and goofed off and met a few birds.

This first one was Lucky. she was sweet and I actually scratched her head some.

And this pretty fella was Bubba, he was FUNNY, he said a bunch of phrases like “hello”, “goodbye”, “aflac”, and “I love bubba.”

He even waved his wing at me! I got some video of it but I have to figure out how to get it on here and I will post it soon lol

And then we came home and watched as a storm rolled in:  

Those storm pictures are straight out of camera, no editing. it was quite the show! especially when the lightening started! Sarah and I enjoyed most of it from the balcony before the lightning got a little too spooky 🙂