Vacation Day 3

by shelbyisrad

Day 3 we all slept in a little bit to recover from the concert night.

Then we ate at Coconut Joes, and though we didn’t get to eat on the deck the atmosphere was so great and beachy.

Walkin to Joe’s

At joe’s

cool pirate chair and noms.

I loved the flag outside of Joe’s and the pretty blue tables!

And Sarah insisted I take pictures of Palm trees since we are on the Isle of Palms! 🙂

After lunch we were serenaded, best thing about being around musicians all the time, they’re always singing!

Then we went to Barnes and Noble, had starbucks and went to Target.

I had key lime tart nomnomnom.

I got pretty pens and a composition book and new hairties at target and I got a CUUUTE new tote at Barnes and Noble!

We will now take a moment to admire how freaking adorable my boy is:

that was a nice moment. 🙂

and he is freaking cute!

Then Dad grilled steaks robbie helped and I took pictures.

and thats my pretty temporary tattoo 🙂

And then we went for a walk on the beach. Sarah and I ran around in the water and my jeans/shirt got DRENCHED….

it was EPIC and awesome!!!! 🙂